Women Ministry

women-1Headed by First Lady Olivia Ansah, this ministry brings women of all ages and nationalities together.

Regular meetings are held for:

  1. Mothers - in - waiting (wives believing God for babies)
  2. Ladies - in - waiting (single ladies)
  3. Successful wives (married women)
  4. Senior sisters (aged 50 and above)
  5. Annual Dinners

Men Ministry

To be men of substance, centred in Christ, rooted in the Bible, filled with the Holy Spirit, choosing to obey the will of God men

  1. We will do this by:
  2. Nurturing our children and awakening them in faith
  3. Care for the church and show the love of Christ to all in need
  4. Read Gods Holy word and join together as men to pray for ourselves, our family, the pastors and the church
  5. Nuture, guide and teach the youth of the church towards becoming responsible adults
  6. Demonstrate God's lavish grace and mercy amoung ourselves and the church and the community as a whole.
KLM Men's ministry currently holds regular events geared towards challenging encouraging and igniting the zeal of all men. This dynamic group of leaders and visionaries come together for meetings held on Tuedays at intervals throughout the year.

Children Ministry

children ministryThe kid's ministry is a place where children can fellowship with their peers, discuss and enjoy themselves.

The age group is from 3 to 12. The children are split into three groups; ages 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12. The three groups do different levels of the same work. A different Bible story is taught every fortnight.

Every Sunday, the children begin with prayers, they then do praise and worship. They are then divided into three groups to do their work, once finished all the three groups come together for discussions on what they have learnt. All children over the age of six take a memory verse home to learn for the following week.
The kids also embark on trips together for team building.

Youth Ministry

Youngsters on FIRE for Jesus!